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Which CMS to choose for own website? To help you get started with website creation, we've listed more than 100 popular CMS and 50 more popular ecommerce engines. This is a comparison site and designed to help you choose CMS engine. Also you can view a lot real-life websites built with favorite content management system or ecommerce tools

Graffiti CMS

Creating and maintaining a site has never been easier. Graffiti CMS allows you to quickly publish and maintain dynamic content Web sites with little or no knowledge of Web programming.

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Anchor CMS

Anchor is a super-simple, lightweight blog system, made to let you just write. In order to remain lightweight, Anchor only supports recent versions of the languages it’s written in. As such, you will need: PHP 5.3.6+ curl mcrypt gd pdo_mysql or pdo_sqlite MySQL 5.2+

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Twilight CMS

Twilight CMS is web-based content management system. Some advances for end-user: cross-platform (NT and *nix both supported) server side; all major browsers compatible: IE 6/7/8, Opera, FireFox, Safari NT/Mac, Chrome; extremely fast, nginx/lighttpd/squid/memcached fully compatible, have 9-level system cache; easy to use: Wi

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Hotaru CMS

HotaruCMS is a wonderful content management system geared towards social bookmarking and empowered with the use of plugins. There are 100's of plugins freely available that can turn Hotaru into whatever you need; a web magazine, a community journal, a link voting site, anything! The theming of HotaruCMS pages is done using plain PHP+HTML so it i

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papaya CMS

papaya CMS content management system and framework was designed for individual, mid-sized and enterprise wide deployments. The papaya CMS meets large-scaled project requirements and offers extremely short implementation times. Since 2001, papaya CMS has been deployed at high profile customers such as AGOF (members include: AOL, GMX, Bauer, Gruner &

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Méthode is a publishing platform that provides web CMS, cross-channel publishing, news planning, advertising management, and workspace planning and tracking solutions. In addition, it enables users to open graphics from editorial environments in Photoshop and Illustrator applications before editing and saving them to the Méthode database.

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Suchen Sie sich nun ein Design aus. Sofern Sie es wünschen, können Sie die Shopsoftware und die Installation, unter den Optionen im Produkt, gleich mit auswählen. In dieser Kategorie sind die Templates für die Bigware Version ab 2.0.49, und größer, ausgelegt. Die optionale Shopsoftware von Bigware befindet sich immer auf dem neuesten Stand.

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The Chameleon Content Managment System (CMS) is software, run through a web browser, that allows you to easily manage your website from anywhere, on any computer connected to the internet. Chameleon is a CMS that allows you to edit all of your website's copy and images plus many other aspects of content without the need for expert help. Pages

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AsciiDoc Website Builder awb combines simple but powerful AsciiDoc markup with templates, blog and image gallery generation, and sitemap.xml generation to allow you to easily maintain and update a website.

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sNews is a completely free, standards compliant, PHP and MySQL driven content management system. Consisting of only one small core file, sNews is extremely lightweight, easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface.

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phpSQLiteCMS is a simple and lightweight open source web content management system (CMS) based on PHP and SQLite. As SQLite is file-based, it just runs "out of the box" without installation (using MySQL or PostgreSQL is also possible). It's licensed under the MIT License.

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Ametys is a Web Java CMS with highly productive authoring tool for end user, multi website platform, a portal engine for custom services, wizards to make your websites match accessibility standards (WAI, WCAG...). The design supports Ametys key concepts is the only Web CMS combining content richness with a user friendly interface.

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ContentBox is a professional open source modular content management engine that allows you to easily build websites, blogs, wikis, complex web applications and even power mobile or cloud applications. Built with a secure and flexible modular core, designed to scale, and combined with world-class support, ContentBox will get your projects out the d

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CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple helps experienced web developers and designers to create sites of power and beauty in a fraction of the normal time, avoiding hours of coding and allowing your clients to update their own sites with a minimum of fuss. From a simple brochure site to a complex portal, CMS Made Simple puts the power of a modular and extendable content

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Swift Point is a hosted CMS system. Swift Point contains all the features you'd expect from a top content management system; WYSIWYG editor, RSS feeds, blogs, galleries, forms, news, web stats, shop, themes... It also has a few things you might not expect. You can preview themes, edit them and swap them real time via the administration console, you

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The Indico (Integrated Digital Conferencing) Project was born as a European project, a joint initiative of CERN, SISSA, University of Udine, TNO, and Univ. of Amsterdam. The main objective was to create a web-based, multi-platform conference storage and management system. This software would allow the storage of documents and metadata related t

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Wolf CMS

It simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management. Wolf CMS is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. The source is available from Wolf’s GitHub project page. Because Wolf CMS us

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uCore is an open source content management system and PHP framework. uCore provides extendable classes making it quick and easy to develop new functionality for your websites and applications. Being open source gives you ongoing support and improvements from creative developers worldwide.

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BIGACE - Dynamic Web CMS - is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own Website within minutes. Its powerful backend puts you in full control of the layout, service and content of your Pages. BIGACE is written in the popular language PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the featu

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Django CMS

The easy-to-use and developer-friendly CMS The open source content management system based on the Web framework Django.

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